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PACA side event a the 13th CAADP PP 31st May to 2nd June 2017

Participants at the PACA side event held during the 13th CAADP PP meeting in Kampala, Uganda

PACA held a side event at the 13th CAADP PP to explore tools for enhancing accountability for ongoing progress monitoring and periodic external evaluations of aflatoxin control activities that  lead to the achievement of four (4) out of the nine (9) commitments of the Malabo Declarationincluding #3-End hunger in Africa by 2025; #4- Reduce Poverty (including creating job opportunities for at least 30% of the youth in agricultural value chains); #5-Triple intra-African trade in agricultural commodities and services; #6-Enhance resilience of livelihoods and production systems to climate variability and related risks

Theme: Making African Agriculture More Competitive, Vibrant and Attractive to the Youth through Improved Food Safety and Quality for Boosting Trade and Agribusiness

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