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Strategic and Thematic Areas of Work

Generating and promoting research and technology for the prevention and control of aflatoxins.

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Developing policies, legislation and standards for the management of aflatoxins.

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Growing commerce and trade and protecting human health from aflatoxins.

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Enhancing capacity for effective aflatoxin prevention and control.

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Increasing public awareness, advocacy and communication.

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News and Events

Under the process of implementing the Malabo Declaration agricultural transformation in Africa, the African Union Commission (AUC),

In most West African countries, groundnut is an important crop used in various forms. It is a basic food and cash crop.

The National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi (NASFAM), in collaboration with the private sector and other stakeholders, has been taking the lead in promoting interven

PACA Partnership Platform Meeting

Third PACA partnership platform meeting

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Accra, Ghana, March 20th 2019: The Continental Training Workshop of the Malabo Declaration Bienni

Communigue of the 3rd PACA Partnership Platform Meeting (PPM) was convened by the AUC and the Republic of Senegal

The 3rd PACA Partnership Platform Meeting (PPM) was convened by the African Union Commission (AUC

Mycotoxin Analytics Rapid Methods PACA


Volume_5_July_September_2018 PACA_News_Volume_5_July_September_2018

PACA News Vol. 5 July- Sept 2018

Trade Working Group Presentation.pdf

Trade work Group Summary from the West Africa Regional Workshop.

Mukherjee Presentation

Presentation regarding aflatoxin and health, made during the formal launch of PACA in Addis Ababa

PDF document

Background Document for the PACA Strategy Development - Stakeholder Consultation Workshop.

Presentation describing the efforts to create PACA.

USDA-Africa Partnerships to Mitigate Aflatoxins

USDA-Africa Partnerships to Mitigate Aflatoxins


High Level Roundtable on Food Safety and Aflatoxins Communique

Communique of the High Level Roundtable on Food Safety and Aflatoxins, held on 12 April 2016, on


Report of the PACA Workshop at AU-IBAR in October 2011.

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