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About AfricaAIMS

The Africa Aflatoxin Information Management System (AfricaAIMS) is a tool that provides credible, comprehensive and locally generated information to facilitate informed decisions on policies, regulations, standards, interventions (e.g. educational and technological), resource allocation, advocacy and awareness creation by the country governments and stakeholders.

Data  generated from the AfricaAIMS:

  • Aflatoxin contamination in food;
  • Aflatoxin contamination in  feed;
  • Diseases associated with aflatoxin exposure;
  • Aflatoxin exposure;
  • Consumption of aflatoxin prone foods;
  • Rates of child stunting;
  • Aflatoxins standards in countries;
  • Volume of imports and exports of aflatoxin prone foods; and
  • Export rejections.

Participating Countries:

  • Gambia
  • Malawi
  • Nigeria
  • Senegal
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda

AfricaAIMS Reports:


PACA support to the AfricaAIMS


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