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Ms. Peace Mutuwa

Ms. Peace Mutuwa

Knowledge Manager

Ms. Peace Mutuwa is the PACA Knowledge Manager. Prior to joining PACA, she worked with the Peace and Security Department of the African Union Commission as a database specialist. Earlier, she was the Management Information Systems (MIS) Specialist with the UNDP country office in Kampala, attached to Uganda Amnesty Commission. Ms. Mutuwa served in the capacities of Assistant Lecturer and Program Coordinator at Makerere University. Ms. Mutuwa has MSc. and PGD in Computer Science, and Bachelor’s Degree in Library and Information Science, all from Makerere University, a Masters in ICT Leadership and Knowledge Society, and graduate Diploma in ICT and Knowledge Society from University of Mauritius and Dublin City University, respectively. Ms Mutuwa supports the PACA Secretariat in running the Africa Aflatoxin Information Management System (AfricaAIMS) and the overall Knowledge Management function of PACA.