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Tanzania Supplemental Aflatoxin Situational Analysis 2016

Submitted by sosina on Sat, 02/10/2018 - 05:59

This 2016 report supplements the report released by the Abt Associates in 2013 on the Country and Economic Assessment for Aflatoxins in Tanzania. The supplemental report, provides extensive information on knowledge and awareness of aflatoxins among Tanzanians as well as information on aflatoxin contamination for maize, groundnuts, and rice. The report includes a review of existing food safety policies and those being developed, to identify gaps that could be addressed to strengthen the food safety system of Tanzania. In addition, a health and economic impact analysis for aflatoxins, based on aflatoxin biomarker data was done. The Tanzania Food Security Investment Plan (TAFSIP) document was reviewed to identify areas into which aflatoxin measures could be mainstreamed. The situation analysis and action planning was conducted in consultation with several key stakeholders including the government line ministries, regional economic communities (RECs), donors and the private sector