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PACA Resources


Flyer for aflasafe, a safe and cost-effective biocontrol product that reduces aflatoxins in field

6.1 - Aflatoxin Control Technologies.pdf

1-2 September 2015 Groundnut Workshop, Session 6.1: Input presentation on Technology and best pra

PACA Phase2 _FR_A4_0 (2).pdf

PACA Phase II Flyer describing the Scope and Approaches of PACA II, 2016 – 2019.

PDF document USDA-Africa Partnerships to Mitigate Aflatoxins


Office of Capacity Building and Development (OCBD)


Presentation describing the efforts to create PACA.


Presentation describing the results of the AflaControl program.

Cotty2020Brussels20slides20PJC20120March202011b1 (1).pdf

Presentation regarding aflatoxin and biocontrol technology to control aflatoxin.

Brussels20Ranajit20aflatoxin20presentation20220March2020111 (1).pdf

Presentation regarding biocontrol technology to control aflatoxin.


Presentation by the EU regarding programs relevant to aflatoxin and trade.


Presentation by COMESA regarding SPS work program and its importance to aflatoxin control.


Presentation on the work by CIRAD to address aflatoxin challenges.