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PACA Resources


Presentation by the Government of Kenya on the impacts of aflatoxin.

Global Panel-PACA High Level Roundtable Communique.pdf

Communique of the High Level Roundtable on Food Safety and Aflatoxins, held on 12 April 2016, on

Aflatoxin20Control20Background20Mar20111 (1).pdf

Background document for side event participants.


Presentation describing the impacts of aflatoxin and the range of available interventions.

Meridian PACA CAADP Meeting 110323.pdf

Presentation describing the need for an Africa-wide, comprehensive approach to aflatoxin control.

CAADP PP PACA Side Event Summary.pdf

Communiqué from the 7th CAADP PP.

CAADP PP PACA Side Event Summary.pdf

Summary of the CAADP 7th Partnership Platform PACA Side Event.

BMGF - PWarrior 23MarchFinal.pdf

Presentation describing the need for action on aflatoxin.

Poems by Mukundane Albert.pdf

Poems celebrating the launch of PACA.

Mukherjee Presentation (1).pdf

Presentation regarding aflatoxin and health, made during the formal launch of PACA in Addis Ababa