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Surveillance & Testing

Policy and technical information on aflatoxin prevalence and exposure levels on the African continent related to and including aflatoxin control capacities, food safety systems, human health impacts, agricultural health impacts and prevention tools. 


 New book on Mycotoxin Analysis: A Focus on Rapid Methods.


PDF document Scoping Study to Assess the Policy Environment and Capacity for Aflatoxin Control in the ECOWAS Member States

Evidence generation to inform policy is at the heart of the Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in

PDF document Étude Exploratoire pour L’évaluation de L’environnement Politique et des Capacités Techniques pour le Contrôle des Aflatoxines d

La production de données pour l’élaboration de politiques est une préoccupation centrale du Parte

PDF document GN Workshop - Presentation on policies for aflatoxin control

1-2 September 2015 Groundnut Workshop, Session 6.2: Input presentation on Policy frameworks and r

PDF document AfricaAIMS Training Materials

PACA Secretariat will establish the Africa Aflatoxin Information Management System (AfricaAIMS);

PDF document AfricaAIMS Methodology Development

PACA Secretariat is establishing the Africa Aflatoxin Information Management System (AfricaAIMS);

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